You’re Next (Movie) Review

You’re Next is a Horror/Thriller first created in 2011 for an International Film festival before being picked up by Lionsgate for distribution in 2013. The basic plot consists of a family being attacked by mysterious killers during a family gathering yet one of them can surprisingly fight back.

The very start of the movie seemed kinda awkward and an obvious excuse to show boobs (especially if you know what the opening scene was originally going to be) although it does get to the introduction to the killers very quickly with both of them dying (you could call it a teaser of sorts).

When the characters, mainly the parents got to the house the tone of the movie was set. Other than creaky doors and floors handwaved by the usual old house excuse its incredibly quiet which works well to set up non-bullshit jump-scares. In fact while the characters arrived you could call it the “Quiet Period”, there were hints at times of what was to come but you could say the movie hadn’t truly started yet. You could tell Erin was going to be the main character even though it switched to other characters sometimes, for someone it felt like her name was said far more often than the other ones (which i can’t remember…).

Its impressive how well it transitions for peace and quiet to full on realistic terror in the space of a few minutes with the first death coming at quite the surprise. Deaths seem to pour in at quite a steady pace and while Erin seems to try to be the voice of reason and shows off hints of badassery at first you couldn’t really tell what would happen with the family basically falling apart. I found it weird that the deaths seemed to be really quick with any torture at all but it soon makes sense.

While i liked the deaths the villain reveal just over half way through seemed a little bit dumb at first yet it was a breath of fresh air not to have anything supernatural for once (there is another plot twist near the end of the film but if you hadn’t noticed it already you’ll feel rather stupid). I realised the reveal was well done though since it made me hate them and hope that they’d get the worst deaths in the movie (they did and it was really satisfying).

In fact the last portion of the movie was probably the best part where Erin goes all badass and i believe i know why other viewers liked it. Instead of the unrealistic Hollywood badass where a character does crazy things (before usually dying in a disappointing way) she showed signs of being the ‘Cornered Rat’ type of badass in most of the situations she had been in. Even the ending was far more believable than most other movies in this genre.

Overall I actually really enjoyed this movie despite not even being much of a fan of the genre. I definitely recommend it, especially to people tha do like these sorts of films.


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