Asterix:Le Domain Des Dievx (Movie) Review

Asterix: Le Domaine Des Dievx (aka Asterix and Obelix: Mansion of the Gods) is a French animated film based on the (also french) comic Asterix directed by Louis Clichy and Co-directed by Alexandre Astier. As someone thats know about Asterix for a very long time i had to watch this the second i found out about its existence.

First impressions were good with very impressive graphics from the very start. I liked how they set up the title of the film in a short scene before the start credits also showing something they’d do alot throughout the movie aka having scenes in other peoples perspectives including the romans. Even the start credits themselves were enjoyable.

Its immediately notable that the movie was made for people that know of Asterix as it throws you straight into the action with both Asterix and Obelix chasing a boar, especially since Asterix casually sips a potion which basically upgrades you for a little while (well known in the series and a major plot point in part of this movie). It doesn’t really introduce characters like other movies do, you either know them already or you learn about them through what they do and say which works really well. They even had slave characters that were funny too which i wouldn’t of thought possible.

While the movie is funny the humor doesn’t come from blatant jokes, one liners or other over used stuff but is part of the plot itself and the characters behaviour and personalities which i find both impressive and a breath of fresh air. And talking of the plot its almost amazing how much time goes by in the movie itself compared to its actual length, it seems like alot is in this movie and yet it doesn’t feel rushed either. There was also music in one of the scenes that i liked as well.

One ultra tiny and ignorable problem i had was it seemed to be made for 3D so it did feel a bit awkward in a few places knowing i don’t own the glasses or a compatible TV.

Overall, i absolutely loved this movie and would probably recommend it to everyone, sadly though people that don’t know about Asterix are never going to like it as much as those that do.


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