Fantastic Four (2015) Movie Review

Fantastic Four is a 2015 reboot directed by Josh Trank loosely based on the comic characters on the same name. Considering how different the lore is compared to the original i felt i needed to watch with the idea that it has nothing to do with the original although i couldn’t help but make some comparisons. Most notable difference was the Human Torch being played by a black actor and while it did seem weird at first i didn’t see it as a reason to hate it.

At the very start you see Reed and Ben as kids but my willing suspension of belief couldn’t take the idea that they’d be able to build a teleporter (using tonnes of N64’s as well…). Something like this is taking it too far for even so called child genius’. The fact its one of the most important plot points in the movie almost immediately put me off from watching the rest. The scene at the science fair seemed just as dumb and the appearance of Susan and her adoptive father was highly convenient (also i should mention Susan being adopted has sparked alot of hate since not only is it very different from the original but its believed to be a side effect of casting a back guy to be Johnny which some people also hate).

As for introductions i actually liked Victor Von Doom’s, his views were definitely strange but at the same time he didn’t seem evil at all despite being the inevitable villain of the movie. Johnny’s introduction was also quite good in the way it had his personality but also made him useful to the team before they get powers (movie gives you the impression that he’s awesome at engineering). So far while i hadn’t seen anythjng eye catching i personally didn’t have any hate either.

The sequence where the Teleporter (the big one) gets built is the start of the best part of the movie. I couldn’t decide if it was rushing past this considering the amount of time the movie had already taken before this but they managed to show the friendship between all the characters quite nicely. Victor’s speech about Astronauts was quite cool as well.

Finally going to the other dimension via the teleporter around 40 mins in (possibly too long for some) i felt it looked quite cool but at the same time the effects didn’t seem that impressive. The way they got their powers definitely was though with each character getting into an accident corresponding to the abilties they’d get with the scene when they’ve teleported back successfully conveying the pure panic the characters are in. Although the fact Victor aka Doctor Doom was left behind in the other dimension put me off a little bit although i can say the subtle change in his voice as he fell was a nice touch. Other than what happened to Victor i found this actually more interesting than the originals ‘Cosmic Rays’.

It started going downhill immediately afterwards though, while the government getting their hands on them and running was believable (and didn’t deserve the hate) there was some things that highly bothered me. First of all Reed aka Mr. Fantastic only seems to be able to stretch his arms and legs making his moveset incredibly plain no matter how they try to make it seem cool. In fact at this point they manages to make it feels likes there’s a lack of both dialogue between the four characters and their powers being shown.

At some point i was wondering if we’d ever see Victor again and if it would drag on until the end of the film before revealing a sequel (that would never get made). However that might of actually been better than what you get as the appearance of Doctor Doom (or at least the metal alien thing that shares his name) suddenly turns the movie stupidly dark which almost seems forced compared to the rest of the film. Not to mention i couldn’t really believe it was actually Victor anymore considering the green stuff is supposedly alive. In fact the final battle seemed both stupid and generic with the four characters suddenly not needing suits and merely flying through a convenient portal using a mere hamster ball forcefield thing. Doctor Doom went from seemingly overpowered to dead in an stupidly short amount of time but at the same time it was nice knowing there’d be no sequels.

Overall while the movie is definitely not something I’d recommend i also feel it doesn’t deserve the amount of hate its currently receiving (especially since people don’t seem to know what a reboot is and keep comparing it to the original). After all if theres about 1 billion different versions of Spiderman then why can’t there be a one-off different version of the Fantastic Four. Not to mention I’ve seen films that are miles worse than this one.


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