New Series of Articles?: Comparing a Videogames Plot/Story to its Gameplay.

Hi everyone its SamEarl13 here with a brand new idea for my blog, one i think could be quite unique if done properly. Not long ago i noticed two people arguing about whether something in gameplay was canon or not and it seemed quite interesting especially since it turned out it actually had nothing to do with the plot or the lore (and it wasn’t something obvious like infinite ammo either). Either way gameplay is usually based on the story/plot but i wondered what if i compared a games plot and gameplay before imagining how the story would be effected if said gameplay elements were part of the lore.

Like i mentioned earlier respawning and infinite ammo may be one but its too boring and obvious on its own. Some examples could be the guy you play as in Outlast possibly deserved to be a Mental patient, only retards become shopkeepers in Skyrim and the Burnout series takes place in a matrix style universe. Only problem at the moment is deciding how in depth my articles should be and what games i should do first (note i barely own any so requests are practically impossible).

I’ll possibly include a list of the games i can currently play for you to pick from at some point if i have the time. Either way i hope you like the idea and look forward to reading them.


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