Comparing ‘Plot’ to Gameplay (temp title): Forza Horizon

I decided with a brand new series i’d begin with one of my favorite racing games of all time Forza Horizon (note i haven’t played any of the newer ones). Forza Horizon is a Racing game for the Xbox 360 developed by Playground Games and published by Microsoft Studios in 2012. Unlike some games i’ll write these for Forza doesn’t really have much of a story but enough is there. Basically you are a mysterious driver who enters the Horizon 2012 Car festival in Colorado slowly climbing the ranks, beating popular stars including Darius and ultimately becoming the new champion.

The gameplay is rather simple but trying to work out what would happen to the plot if it was factored in is definitely not. Without looking at anything else you could say that the main character is a time traveller because of the rewind ability and that his motive was to participate in what is supposedly the biggest Horizon festival ever. I also thought that the radio might just be a pre-recording, however this idea ultimately failed because of multiple reasons.

If you don’t progress in the game then the radio dialogue doesn’t either, this causes the announcer to essentially be stuck on the same day. What makes this weird is you (the player) can spend days doing absolutely nothing because there is a day/night cycle. There was also the obvious thing of the woman breaking the fourth wall alot (e.g. adjusting the difficulty). There was also small things like using credits for money, being able to turn off damage and the fact you can own every car in the game at the same time. It reminded me of the Animus from the Assassins Creed series where you can take pretty much forever doing what the character supposedly did in a very short amount of time with no consequences.

Overall it wasn’t really a mindblowing or cool idea but it seemed slightly interesting, comment on any info i missed and possibly a better name for the series.


2 thoughts on “Comparing ‘Plot’ to Gameplay (temp title): Forza Horizon

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