The Ferris Wheel (Android) Review

The Ferris Wheel is a simplistic yet difficult game for android by adrogdesigns where you have to time you jump between ferris wheels.

Straight away i noticed the graphics were not very good so the gameplay needed to be good if it wanted to be recommendable. The gameplay was simple, tap to jump from ferris wheel to ferris wheel making sure you stay in the middle so you don’t get rocked off. Sadly though as a small game a few problems did appear, i felt that fullscreen ads appeared too often and it was especially annoying when they appeared during gameplay causing you to click them and lose your score. Also its strange there is a lack of banner ads despite plenty of space to fit them in without affecting gameplay. Second problem is the ‘camera’ acted a little weird and seemed to focus more on the player than the platforms. Secondly, for points to be given by stars and not just when you pass that area seems a little strange. That leads to the third, because of how the hit detection works the bumper car, being the shortest of 3 players, has a habit of ducking under the star and therefore not getting any points.

My highscore is only 14...

Being a very new game the developer has noted he wants player ideas to go alongside the current choices of a cube, a hat and a dodgem/bumper car. I felt that the use of red and white in all 3 of the choices made it a little boring not to mention there was a lack of a chosen artstyle which made them seem random too. Since Ferris wheels are usually related to fairs i felt like suggesting a few myself: Goldfish (in a bowl), Teddy Bear, Candy Floss and Popcorn (i can think of more but considering the graphics i only mentioned simple things).

Overall its quite a nice game if you can look over its flaws and the fact it was made by one person (people these days keep wrongly using Dust: An Elysian Tale as a benchmark) and its nice to see a developer thats eager to improve his games. It would be nice to see graphical improvements between updates though since many people these days tend to judge a game instantly from what they first see and this includes merely looking at the screenshots.


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