A huge warning to Anime Live Reactors. Your channel is in danger!

Unlike the last time i writ one of these warnings this is not actually the work of a YouTube policy change but actually a single company that seems to have appeared out of nowhere (or at least i never heard of them). This company is a Japanese company known as PresentCast, which from the poor translation i did to the webpage (thanks google translate…) gives me the impression it is a video streaming service like CrunchyRoll. In my opinion that doesn’t excuse them from what they are doing since none of the videos they are copyrighting belong to them.

Big problem is they don’t strike one of your videos, the second these assholes find your channel it gets drowned with them and immediately terminated. You can either hope PresentCast will be shown the door for being idiotic and greedy (remember recently when Pixels took down tonnes of videos with the word pixels) although reaction videos have always been a grey area so I’m unsure if anyone will come back. Either way its sad to see channels like AnimeCentrul (the dudes awesome, had some real good reactions on his main channel) and many others disappear and have something them and their watchers enjoy ruined simply because a company thinks they’ll get more money.

Thanks for reading and please share this so that as many YouTubers know of it and can maybe take steps to not get hit so hard.


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