Dream Diary: Sam, the Magical Shoe Salesman (In Space).

So i decided to have a nap in the middle of the day and all of the sudden find myself in a lucid dream with a really strange premise. I had to write it down asap for you to read.

All i knew at first was i was on a space station (i know since there was a ‘viewing window’ aka huge TV screen with a view of outside with stars, planets and the debris as well as people wearing generic space suits) wearing some normal clothes while a man in front of me wore a generals uniform and 3 people in a small computer all working on something also wearing normal clothes like me. I assumed it was going to be an epic sci-fi themed dream until the general asked me to give the 3 men a pair of shoes each. I was quite confused about this but i went to give them some shoes and too my surprise i created a pair out of thin air and handed them to the first one who seemed to love them (perfecf fit, favorite design) and the same with the second person.

The true strangeness (and beauty even movies can’t copy) happened when i went to give the shoes to the 3rd person who then asked how the shoes seemed so perfect. I proceeded to explain that they’re created with magic and react to the wearer before holding it up in the air and giving a live demonstration. The design changed between many awesome designs that i would easily of worn if they were real. Then it got to the price where i explained it was 50 (I don’t know what currency, just 50 of it) where they remarked it was cheap and an audience that seemed to have gather behind me started cheering.

That wasn’t the end though, my attention was suddenly pulled towards a small screen with a speaker and microphone below it which seemed to act like a messaging system. On the screen flashed up someone that could only be described as the combination 2 stereotypes (slut and dumb blonde). She went on a rant about how the shoes were shit somehow and they weren’t worth any money because of the production cost (which is nothing because i made them appead out of thin air) while hers are better simply because she spent loads of money on them. I then proceeded to turn her into a smurf for a reason i don’t even know myself while the crowd laughed in the background, including the general and the 3 computer guys. The dream suddenly ended there because i was woken up since Nan wanted a cup of tea 😦

I have weird dreams every now and then and i love writing them down when they’re this weird so you may see them on my blog more often. I hear dreams are affected by cheese so I’d blame it on the sandwich i had earlier today.


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