Rpg Clicker (Android) Review

Rpg clicker is an RPG themed clicker game for Android by Giant Pixels where you fight enemies while leveling up and getting loot. The game uses pixel art which while i am a Retrogamer i don’t really like in these types of games which I’ll soon explain.


You are thrown straight into gameplay and the first impression wasn’t a good one. There was absolutely no music while the pixel art was ok although in my opinion the fact clicker games are so easy to produce i would of liked to see some real effort put somewhere. Something else bad about the graphics was the fact there was barely any visual cues that you’re getting further other than enemies that look like reskins and different backgrounds. The loot system seemed pointless and the most fun part seemed to be choosing what clothes to equip (although they barely make a difference). Bosses were boring as well since they were basically just really strong versions of normal enemies, no special attacks or anything.


Not directly linked to the game itself i felt the advert down the bottom was ok for a game that i had gotten for free and is 50 to remove ads but there was a few things i really didn’t like. The first of them being popups that ask or practically you to rate the app, usually 5 stars too which most of these apps do not deserve an yet they’ll get anyway. The second is the facebook sharing bullshit in order to get good, i could argue that any sort of Facebook connection is a bad sign but it also makes me think that maybe they slowed down gameplay so that idiots would share the game which would in turn get more idiots playing it.

Overall this is a good example of a game that isn’t terrible but doesn’t have anythin remotely good about it either sort of likea sandwich with no fillings (or butter). There are many games that outclass this one in every way.


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