Mini Quest (Android) Review

Mini Quest is an RPG for Android created by Inc where you play as one of 3 classes doing quests on a journey to become a ‘mini’. The game calls itself a beta yet is many years old, this makes no difference to how i review games but I felt like pointing out that this is never getting updated.


What was immediately notable was that the graphics were ok but the music wasn’t that impressive and even stopped working after a while. Another problem you find straight away is (almost) instantly respawning enemies, they rarely pose a threat and can be accidentally farmed to get tp the very small level cap. There’s also alot of ‘coming soon’ notices which i don’t like as its the main reason games get false reviews.


Playing for longer only revealed more problems especially with equipment, not only did rarity not even matter as they’d get outclassed by common items but the strongest weapons were staffs which I’m sure Knights are not meant to equip which i found myself doing for most of my session. Something else annoying is the missions, none of them are interesting at all and usually consist of killing stuff and then trekking back to whoever gave you the quest once you’ve done (which has a slightly more annoying collect the items variation).

Overall this is just a bad game, it has a large amount of problems and no good points whatsoever. I doubt it would improve even if the updates were added.


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