One Piece: Finally getting more hints about “The Will of D”

In one of the more recent episodes of One Piece a little more was explained about what D actually meant and what it might mean. Its still almost as mysterious as it started out being with it supposedly being secretly passed down. They are also “sworn enemies of the gods” but i wonder what gods they’re talking about. 4 obvious characters that you can instantly think of are Gol D. Roger, Monkey D. Luffy, Portgas D. Ace and Trafalgar D. Law.

The obvious choice would be that the Celestial Dragons consider themselves gods and thus would explain why Law had to escape from  Doflamingo.  But to me this sort of seems disappointing as we currently having seen a ‘Celestial Dragon’ that didn’t look like weak entitled assholes.

2nd choice however isn’t as obvious but its not entirely impossible, what if it had something to do with the ancient superweapons. It may seem grasping at straws at first but have you ever noticed the names of the two known weapons: Poseidon, Pluton and Uranus. If it didn’t immediately occur to you thats the names of three Roman Gods (Pluton merely being Pluto with an added n). The question is will these always be part of the lore only mentioned now and then when Robin finds a Poneglyph or will the crew actually run into one at some point.

3rd one which isn’t very likely would be the existence of actual gods. Its not entirely impossible and would make a surprising plot twist although i wouldn’t see it happening any time soon. The anime does have Supernatural elements to it, the main focus being the Devil Fruits with its strange rules. Aside from obvious ones like the fact its fruit that gives you powers, the fact you’re hated by the sea and you can’t eat two there is a random thing that was shown in a random scene. That scene showed a random apple mysteriously morph into a devil fruit. However even with the existence of the scene one has to wonder if its as random as it sounds. There are many times where I’ve felt something happened due to destiny/fate, although is very hard to explain.

Either way i hope you didn’t find this post too silly. Maybe give me your ideas in the comments but please no spoilers from beyond where the anime is.


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