Farm Simulator 14 (Android) AU Version Review

[Note AU stands for Amazon Underground, a new experimental service by Amazon which offers games 100% free including the microtransactions.]

Farm Simulator 14 is a Simulator style Android game created by Giants software which puts you in control of various farm vehicles as you grow and sell crops as well as a few other things. Unlike other versions the one gotten from Amazon Underground boasts that all vehicles and tools are immediately purchasable with ingame money, the bonus tractor and fertilizer sprayer are unlocked free and some items have a higher payout to make unlocking things easier.


Being new to the game i played on beginner difficulty as i knew playing on anything harder would probably frustrate me. Especially since the ingame guide is more of a book than an actual tutorial. While following the tutorial i found the driving controls (as well as the other controls) were surprisingly easy to get used to. However like most games its difficult to master but this time you suffer dearly for it, being bad at field work causes it to take much longer and reduces the gameplay to slower than a snail. It made me quite happy that you could teleport between vehicles because if you walked around between vehicles it would be torture.

It doesn't let you... 😦

The game isn’t just driving over a field over and over again though, you also needed to keep an eye on various things like petrol and deliver your goods to wherever had the best prices. This is when i noticed that driving was unrealistic in a not-so-fun way. While you could drive as dagerously as you wanted to crashing did absolutely nothing other than slowing you down alot. Its possible to push cars a very long way but you can’t do anything funny like drowning them in a river (as you can see i tried). There are also missions but from what i’ve done they’re basically half of a fetch quest, they do give you alot of money though.

Overall while the game does its job at simulating farm work quite well its obvious its only for a niche fanbase, I honestly am not a fan of these types of game due to the huge amount of repetition needed. Personally if i wanted to to play a farm related game i’d choose something like Harvest Moon or Rune Factory (Fun Fact: I was the self-proclaimed King of Turnips in Harvest Moon DS).


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