Azkend 2 (Android) Review

Azkend 2: The World Beneath is a Match 3 style game by 10tons Ltd that boasts “astonishing worlds” with a story mode with variable gameplay, animated scenes and voice overs. The basic plot according to the store page is your ship was pulled into a maelstrom while traveling from Liverpool to New York and you wake up in a mysterious place.


The menu was quite nice looking and easy to use with ok options like volume control and player profiles so multiple people can take takes on the same tablet. Other than the Time and Medal bonus modes i felt it needed no real explanation so i went straight into gameplay. At fist the gameplay is very simplistic with the gimmick being to simply remove the fog on the screen, once you’ve done so an object appears which you must collect by letting it drop to the bottom of the screen. It quickly introduces new gameplay variants incredibly quickly like ‘Classic mode’ where all tiles must be turned blue, A bug game where you defeat the bugs before they reach the top and a Fire game where you have to put out the fire before it reaches your map. Unlike some games in the genre you can only have one active and passive powerup selected at a time and theres no pay to win elements. One thing that bothered me slightly though is that i felt gameplay elements may of been introduced too fast in some places. There’s also a detail finding minigame like the object finding games but far more annoying, or at least i got frustrated most of the time but luckily they’re optional.


Other than gameplay the graphics are very nice although the ‘animated’ cutscenes are more along the lines of moving pictures and not a cartoon. The voice acting isn’t that impressive either but considering its an android app i felt limiting the quality was probably necessary to keep the apps overall size manageable (too many popular games use crazy amounts of room). I can easil say the music was very nice though, maybe not something I’d download but it fit the game perfectly.


Overall its quite a decent game, or at least it towers over the freemium crap that sadly fills up most of the genre. I recommend to give it a try at some point.


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