Back to the Future (1985) Movie Review

This time i decided to review an entire trilogy and what better than Steven Spielbergs Back to the Future (Since Nan owns a really cool boxset of it). Its been such a long time that i don’t remember that plot that well although that might be a good thing.

Strange thing when watching this movie now is just how much in the past it is although some stuff is still quite cool. I had a feeling that i wouldn’t really care about the main character and only like the old guy (similar  to when i watched Karate Kid). Although in this case Marty McFly (the main character) already had a girlfriend. I have a feeling his family was made to seem really weird on purpose, especially his father. Perhaps the later movies had already been planned or something.

The DeLorean still looked amazing despite its age although the idea 88mph equals time travel made me laugh a little. And the doctor was really interesting like i remember too. In fact i could say all of the events from the Time Travel demonstration to when he travels back in time was really cool. The introduction to the past makes you realise that you had alot of hints at the start of the movie about ‘when’ he’d end up and what was a mere 30 years into the past for him is almost 60 years for us (“Saturday, November 5, 1955” as thhe newspaper said it).

The introduction to Biff and his father was quite funny in the way all his followers looked like idiots, one of them even wearing a paper pair of Red and Blue 3D glasses. It was interesting to note how one of the quotes mirrored a scene from the future. The crazy thing about the introductions were that thy weren’t a surprise to people that pay attention. In fact alot of the movies ups and downs could be almost forecast because of it, that wasn’t a bad thing in this case though. As cool as all of it was though seeing the doctor again was far better.

The main plot of the movie where he has to get his parents together was highly amusing, specially since he kept secretly screwing it up even if it was obviously going to fix itself near the end. The very end of the movie was awesome too.

Overall its still worth a watch especially if you haven’t seen it yet.  Definitely made me look forward to rewatching the other 2 movies.


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