Peter Pan (Touchstone Pictures) Movie Review

Another random movie i am watching is Peter Pan, sadly i don’t own a legit copy so the DVD cover was too blurry to make out the year it was made. I hadn’t watched it for agesso i thought i might enjoy it (no nostalgia necessary).

I always found it interesting how the movie started with Peter watching in the background. It also introduced the characters pretty well too although the hidden kiss or whatever sounded stupid in my opinion even if its a plot point. It started getting weird the second Peter appeared with some quite ammusing stuff. You could tell the CGI was old on the journey to Neverland and the true start of the movie which i found incredibly strange as they flew through space to get there.

The introduction to the pirates and thn the lost boys were interesting but it did seem quite weird although being a childrens tale you sorta had to just role with it. Hook killing a crew member seemed like it was only done to make him seem more evil and the Los bys stupidity seemed too much een for kids (although they’re probably smart for people that probably got no education).  Dark situations had comedy added to them which i found amusing but you couldn’t hel but feel sorry for Captain Hook and incredibly sorry for Smee who never did seem like a pirate.

There also seemed to be quite a focus on love in the film which was nice although it does bug me of how fast it seems to happen in movies.Although to be fair there is no mention of how much time they’ve actually been there for. When the movie hits the 1 hour mark it starts getting pretty interesting although i still think the “Don’t believe in Fairies” stuff seemed really stupid. The ending was quite nice though, brings a tear to your eye.

Overall, its a good movie but perhaps it would be better to watch it with family and not on your own like i did. Something i found odd while watching this was the weather (and even the world itself) reflected Peters mood and while the movie ignores it I’d say its pretty good material for a theory. Thanks for reading.


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