The Water Boy (1988) movie review

This is the first random movie review in my huge spree in order to get donations towards a PC. Its random as usual, so while i’m sure i watched it before i can’t actually remember what happens in it.

It introduces you to Bobby who seems like a total retard losing his Waterboy job but he obviously loves being one for some reason. It was a bit boring although i dismissed this as simply buildup since the very start of movies are rarely that interesting. Although its apparent after a bit tht all the characters are meant to be weird. There were also parts that i think were meant to be funny but were annoying instead.

The main part of the movie starts quite early where Bobby is invited to play for the Rugby team instead of being a waterboy although i doubted the movie would get any better at this time. In fact it might have gotten worse, i found myself laughing at the movie not because of the jokes but because i knew this movie used to be popular. In fact the jokes were the opposite of funny, the movie was probably made for families but i feel only childen would laugh at them. The most interesting character of all of them was the mum simply because of how insane she is, although its only because the other characters are quite bland.

I didn’t even feel that happy for bobby at the end of the movie when they win the cup (as you could guess the second its even mentioned) at the end because of how annoying they were. Something i noticed is that people claim Adam Sandler movies are really crappy lately but the question is were there any good one in the first place? I definitely know this wasn’t.


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