Leon the Professional (1994) Movie Review

Note i watched this randomly and didn’t pick it because of anything so i don’t even know the plot. I will probably edit it in at some point though. I also write while watching which is why they’re so weird.

The beginning of the movie has a cool way of introducing by following the people he’s after in 3rd person. It had a love of using different camera angles where it didn’t show the violence and instead relied on the viewers imagination which worked quite well for me. Leon as a character seemed awesome and he looked badass in those glasses he was wearing too. The introduction to Matilda was interesting which was soon followed by the person that was definitely the villain. It was interesting to see how they portrayed Leon as both a badass assassin and an ordinary man, while some people these days would complain it isn’t all action i enjoyed it alot. Matilda seemed interesting too, sometimes i wonder if it was a reference to the movie matilda because of the fact she had a shitty family but thats unlikely. When it suddenly hit the part where the villain starts doing evil shit it was building up the too it started getting very interesting especially with how insane that guy blatantly is. Its also when Leon starts protecting Matilda and what you say is where the movie truly starts and the wait was 100% worth it.

The bond between the two starts off incredibly enjoyable to watch. It works very well with showing the 2 worlds crashing into each other and It made me really want to know what would happen like if it failed miserably or she becomes awesome too. Its kinda funny when you realise she does the cleaning in order to learn ‘cleaning’. It takes a surprisingly long time to remind the viewers of the crazy guy as well as giving a hint of what might happen when it shows leon stitching up a wound in his chest. I personally started believe something tragic would happen with the idea of ‘Revenge isn’t the answer’ or something but at the same time i wanted the crazy dude shot.

As the movie slowly got closer to the end it also seemed to get worse for the pair. I suddenly had a feeling one of them would die by the end of the film especially since Leon even asked Tony to give Matida his money if he died. The way i imagined it the crazy dude would kill Leon when he goes to save Matilda from being a revenge driven idiot. It almost looked like it was going to happen quite early but Leon nullified the idea like it was nothing. Although at the same time i couldn’t help but fear it would be a double bluff especially since the situation turns to shit not long after.  The ending was incredibly sad (SPOILERhedoesdiebuthewasawesomeSPOILER) but even if you have an idea what happens the movie is still worth watching.


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