I don’t care about popular actors.

While i may have casually mentioned this in a few movie reviews i’ve tried writing i’ve never made a short post that focused on it until now.

In my opinion most movie studios have been focusing too much on making money and one of the quickest ways to make people watch it cinema is to use popular actors. In some cases they do actually fit their roles but its apparent they usually focus of keeping the actors recognisable instead of actually making them look like the character they’re supposed to be.

On the opposite end of this no one seems to want to watch a movie if there isn’t any recognisable people in them. Its true that the majority o tof these moves only do this because of lack of funding but there are really good ones too. People have to remember that the actors they currently put on pedestals started off as normal people at some point. In other words we shouldn’t focus too much on popular actors.

I’m not saying they should ignore popular actors and always go for the underdog or something, some actors deserve their popularity and focusing on a specific group of people will only cause problems either way. It’d be great if we could go back to when anyone could try out for a role. Obviously not everyone can suddenly be an actor, there is some skill to it but a far greater choice of people to choose from would obviously make movies just a bit more unique.

at the end of the day this will probably never happen but i can dream right?


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