After Burner (Famicom) Review

After Burner is a combat flight arcade game for the Famicom developed by Sega AM2 and published by Sega in 1989.

After Burner (Tengen) [!]-1

First thing i noticed was how well the false 3d effect worked as well as how nice the sprites were (which is common for arcade ports. The music seemed ok as well although it wasn’t that memorable. As for gameplay, the controls were easy to get used to so enemies went down fast. However so did you, not only was everything a one hit kill for you but it was also possible to crash into the enemy and die as well. This combined with the fact losing all 3 lives is a straight up Game Over made it a little bit annoying.

After Burner (Tengen) [!]-2

I did do slightly better once i experimented with the controls and prioritized dodging instead of fighting, i found i did circles alot when getting away from missiles which made me feel awesome when it worked. However i still couldn’t even beat stage 2. I did also wonder if the gamw would be easier if i used a Joystick like the arcade version.

Overall, this game is worth a try but you probably can’t fully enjoy it unless you’re already good at these types of games.


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