More guns?! Why i think thats not a good idea.

As someone that isn’t American i tend to ignore news about the US but some stuff just has to be said. There has been alot of gun crime involving schools, theatres and all sorts of places, its absolutely horrible that it happens and it’d be great if we could find a way to stop it. Guess how some people think they can stop gun violence? By arming everyone with guns.

To me this is one of the most stupid ideas someone can have. There’d have to be a massive amount of luck in any situation no matter if there’s only a few people or loads of people packed into one space. They’d also have to assume someone there is not only skilled with a gun but also good under pressure which is unlikely. Lets imagine that the murderer was a skilled gunman and the victims were all average people. Here’s 2 examples of what I’d expect:

In a packed place like a theatre a single shot into the crowd would cause chaos. But it would be far worse if everyone had guns. People will still try to escape, pushing and shoving past each other trying to get to the door. Anyone trying to aim their gun would either get killed quicker or they’d be knocked around highly increasing the chances of friendly fire. The more people trying to fire guns the more uncontrollable the situation would become. Not to mention, people may mistake other people with guns as murderers themselves, further increasing the confusion.

If the place had not many people yet everyone had a gun it has the potential to essentially become a game for the murderer. To be exact it could easily mimic a FPS videogame. What do i mean by that? To a trained gunman an average person isn’t even that much of a challenge, a victim that had a gun is essentially more guns and ammo for the murderer to use (just like a videogame). It’d be much better if the murderer was the only one with a gun because then they’d actually be able to run out.

Or maybe I’m just saying this because i can’t trust anyone with a gun thesw days. Not to mention most murderers didn’t start out crazy, literally anyone can become one depending on the situation. If more people had guns its only right to assume surprise killings would rise too. In other words its more likely to start shooting than stop them.

What are your thoughts on this? Write in the comments below or message me on twitter at @SamEarl13.


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