Rescue: The Embassy Mission (NES) Review

Rescue: The Embaasy Mission is a NES gamw developed by New Frontier. It is a port of a DOS games known as Hostages: Rescue Mission. The gameplay mimics an actual hostage situation yet thankfully its not as complicated.

Rescue - The Embassy Mission (E) [!]-1

The map where you choose what you want to do might be slightly pointless at the end of the day but its quite a nice little extra (as well as the fact characters have names). Getting into the actual gameplay i was immediately impressed at the music and the small changes theee is ro it when you’re hiding. For some reason i was really bad at this at first despite knowing what to do (stay out the spotlights). Although its probably because i wrongly thought you could dodge roll through them, however merely touching them could mean instant death.

Rescue - The Embassy Mission (E) [!]-3

I temporarily ignored the sniper section and tried entering the building but since i had no idea of the controls at first (carefully pressing up and down) all 3 squad members fell off the building and died… Easily the most embarrassing way to lose in this game other than running out of time.

When you so get into the building you play a maze type minigame where you travel through the building clearing out all the enemies. The hud was highly informative with how many enemies are on each floor and an a map with their locations. Despite the simplicity it was actually really fun.

Rescue - The Embassy Mission (E) [!]-5

The sniper minigame was also quite good although it did feel it would be better with a mouse (which is what I’m guessing the original DOS version did). The basic idea was to look at all the windows and shoot any people you sew which would then make entering the building easier. I really liked the fact you could see the breach and clear group on the side of the building if you place them there without actually entering.

Overall this game is a great mixture of different gameplay elements that convincingly mimics what I’d imagine some hostage situations are like. I definitely recommend you give it a try.


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