Casino Kid (NES) Review

Casino Kid (or $1,000,000 Kid: Maboroshi no Teiou Hen) is a casino type game for the NES developex and published by Sofei. The japanese version is based on the manga $1,000,000 Kid by Yuki Ishigaki.

As soon as you start you’re thrown into a sort of hub but its incredibly confusing. I walked around talking to everyone and trying to interact with slot machines only to find i had to talk to a specific dealer. Something else that bugged me was the cutscene like screen when you talk to anybody especially since the people barely ever matched their sprite.

Casino Kid (U) [!]-1

After finally getting into a game of blackjack the gameplay became exactly as you’d expect. You weren’t really given a goal but i suspected it was to make the opponent bankrupt. The short end music loop turned this from a nice challenge into pure torture though.

Casino Kid (U) [!]-2

And to make it worse when i finally beat her i went to the next pwrson only to find it was the exact same game with the exact same bet limit except they had double the money meaning they’d take much longer. I didn’t want to play anymore.

Overall this game is not worth recommending at all, its really boring and theres probably loads of better casino games out there.


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