Robocco Wars (Famicom) Review

Robocco Wars is a Famicom game developed by Taito and published by IGS in 1991. You play as Lance in his transforming robot known as R-10 which switches between a Train/Ground, Plane and Submarine forms depending on the level type. The game has quite a large difficulty spike.

First level type was the train one and it was incredibly easy. Jumping was easy to pull off and the fire button could be simply held down in most cases. Although you find yourself having to master jumping very quickly as the third stage immediately introduces obstacles you’re forced to dodge and holes.

Aobocco Wars (J) [p1]-1

2nd stage type was flying which is similar to alot of games released in that era. In my opinion it was simpler than the other games yet it stull managed to be fun. It did feel like it dragged a bit though.

Aobocco Wars (J) [p1]-2

However despite enjoying the first two stages i ran into a huge flaw that almost ruined the entire game for me. First of all when you die you come back to life straight away but with the default weapon, if you are going up against a boss this means you have no chance to get it back unless you can win and get to the next stage. Secondly when you continue you start at the beginning of the stage with the default 3 hearts, if you can’t win with 5 then 3 is just impossible. Because of this i never even got to try a Submarine stage.

Overall, while the game is worth a try you can’t play long enough to truly enjoy it unless you’re skilled/lucky.


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