Final Fantasy 1 (NES) Review

[Note i haven’t written one of these in a while so i apologise if its bad]

Final Fantasy 1 is NES RPG by Square (now part of Square Enix) and the first in a long lone of successful games. Ironically it got its name feom the fact Square believedit would be their final game.

At first glance i personally believe the game has aged alot. While the music and graphics were nice there were a few things i didn’t like. First was how weaponsan armor worked. Instead of an equipment screen with everything in it each character had their ‘bags’ for weapons and armor. To me that seemed pointless and to top it off you are only given money at start so its easy to accidentally leave the town without anything and get quickly screwed over.
Final Fantasy (U) [!]-1

Other than a feeling of slowness probably caused by age/ lack of animations the gameplay itself was quite simple and easy although i did notice something really annoying.

Like the fact you don’t start with any equipment Mages don’t have any magic. Meaning if you did what i mentioned above you’ll essentially be left with pieces of paper on your team. And then there’s the intelligence bug in the NES version as well which causes the game to ignore intelligence altogether making the Red Mage just as good as the White Mage at healing making the latter almost pointless.

Final Fantasy (U) [!]-2

Overall while the game was popular back when it was released it may not be that special anymore since RPG’s have been improved alot since then. However its still worth a tey if you’re curious enough.


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