Dungeon and Dragons 1 of 1

So this will be the only story for now I will be writing about DnD (Dungeon and Dragons) here I will be talking about Playing it as well as How great it is. 😀 So lets get started…

1st off let me just state that I am still a Beginner, I have been playing DnD for roughly 5 years. Well at the biggest Comic Book Shop in Washington, Olympic Cards and Comics (Basically its as big as like an Expo or Con) anyways I met a veteran DnD player by the name of Bryan (I won’t disclose his last name for privacy reasons) well he was 47 and he has been playing DnD since 1986… Ya LONG TIME!!!!. He was 1 of the people that taught me some things in Version 5 that I had no idea that it was there.

So we usually meet up as well as all the other groups at OCC every Wednesday. Though like me, I go to OCC almost everyday and it is 1 of my favorite places in the whole entire world. Well 1 Wednesday, I met up with Bryan and my group friends Evan, Dylan and Daniel. Along with Bryan it was 5 total people… We went on an Adventure.

“So here we were, 2 Mages, 1 Orc Paladin and a Unicorn- Monkey with 4 space guns XD. Starting out in the Futuristic City of Trendorina. The world around it for at least 300-400 miles, that was the city limits was just futuristic wasteland… But once out, there was a vast darkness or dry land, bones, caves, swamps and monster… Monster that you do not want to mess with”

That was just the Beginning, we had spent 3 full hours playing on this long, crazy, fantastic Adventure. People died, friends we met along the way were killed, monsters were slain and even at a couple times we had people betray us, going so far as to side with a 200 mutant group of Ghoul Spiders and Ghoul Sun Giants and destroying Cities and even Worlds my group had spent days and weeks creating from our hands with the help of many beings… Long story short…

  • Our World was Destroyed
  • We saw the Fall of an Empire
  • The Death of Millions
  • Not only Humans and Races…
  • But Monsters that had no right to die.

Our Adventures and the Journeys you create within DnD can be anything. Happy, Sad, Crazy, Cruel… Anything. Your imaginations are endless… I have played many different Adventures. I have been the DM or GM many times and I have done things that have turned the tides of these Adventures Good or Bad. Go out and enjoy your worlds and adventures that you create, using your Imagination.

I know this was a sorta short story compared to what I have done in the past, but I will be doing a lot more in the coming days. I have so many interesting stories to tell and please Tweet Me @FalseXGod or Sam @SamEarl13 with Suggestions and Ideas.


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