Walking through a Cave (Adventure) 1A

Hello Everyone,

Today I will be traversing you through a cave. It will become your starting point as well as your endpoint… if it has an endpoint haha.

Think of it like a long Adventure filled with more mystery then Saw or trying to read 1 of those “Turn to page 50 for Bananas or Page 67 for Apples” those books in my childhood were fun and yes like all of you I did cheat haha.

So you are a boy, an average height man with black kinda spiked hair kinda like Clouds from Final Fantasy or even Sora’s from Kingdom Hearts. You are of white skin, you have red eyes that will do something later on in the story…Starting out you have in your small satchel….

  • 3 pieces of Bread
  • 2 Torches
  • A small glass cup (sealed) of oil
  • A box of matches with 5 matches
  • A rusty knife you found on the table back at the INN 60 miles back

Oh and yes we are going to bend reality here like in literally every game and make it so every single thing can fit into your small ass satchel. Starting out as the opening of the cave is moving in some light, though you notice its getting to the break of night quickly oh and to make things interesting… There are no other openings in the cave, no possible way to escape and once you start traversing deeper and deeper you’ll slowly start to lose your mind and think of thoughts and things that are not there.

As you start to walk, you see the dripping of water as it hits the floor. Simply not enough to drink as you are thirsty. You see a couple large rocks on the ground that have no use to you and nothing around you is of interest so you continue to move.

Walking at the same slow pace, because your scared out of your pants, but cant do anything because that rusty butter knife you stole is well rusty… You might as well just start carving on the wall how many hours its been because your never getting out of this cave… also you don’t have a watch. (Start Guessing) LOL

Walking some more because you cant go anywhere else and it is also pretty dark, but you are not deep enough for it to be pitch black or for you to have to light a torch, as you are looking down at the ground it run into a middle looking wall. You look up to find 2 pathways, they look the same, whats different is 1 sign above both openings.

  • Path 1- “Butterfly’s ahead” LEFT
  • Path 2- “Riddles are in your future” RIGHT

Thinking pretty hard, you look both ways and looking at both the signs you do not wish to go down both, but you can’t turn back. Looking ahead you believe it will become dark, so you pull out a Torch, pour some of the crappy $4 oil on the torch then pull out a match scratching it upon the matchbook and lighting the torch… As you do you here a faint “COME FORWAAAARDDDD!!!” Crying out from the inside, you want to go back but you cant (This is funny hahah XD)

You pick the left path, going towards what is hopefully a magical peaceful looking place with those Butterflies. As your walking you imagine there is an opening at the top of the cave and peering through is the beautiful blue sky and white clouds and sunlight, upon the beautiful green grass. “What Beautiful Butterflies” I wish to see.

Traversing deeper, the Torch provides minimal light… The path has been going on the same for the last 15 or so minutes, but you only think that… As you walk deeper, you start to get woozy and sleepy… As your eyes are slowly closing, you hit something in front of you, looking up as your shocked you notice its a door…

The adventurer known only as Elden… is now afraid for he does not know… He was tricked and went down the wrong path!!!!Complex Cave 1


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