Introduction into my World!!! (Jameson)

Hello everybody, my name is Jameson Ziegler and I am a friend of Sam’s. I am a 19 year old guy (In Fact on July 5th it was my Birthday) I turned 19.

Lets see stuff about me… there is a lot to tell and I will do my absolute best to tell you guys every single thing about me, without going into so much detail because 1st off… I am a “Social Butterfly” meaning I am constantly always socializing and making new friends wherever I go. I was given that nickname amongst others, by my whole family as well as some teachers in HS because well I couldn’t stop talking. But don’t get me wrong… I am not always social. There are some times when I keep to myself, keeping thoughts within my mind… I am quiet at those times, constantly wanting to tell all my thoughts to the world.

Haha yes I a Good Heart as well as a Dark 1. Though I keep my Dark Heart to myself, only when the time is needed will I show it to the people around me.

Anyways 3 things I have as Interests…

  • VideoGames
  • Anime
  • Manga

Starting with VideoGames, I have been a Gamer since I was about 4 to 5. My 1st ever console was a Sega Dreamcast (I know super old) I had that 1 fishing game where you had the fishing peripheral and you had to catch trout lol and then I had a few other games I cant quite remember, I know I had Dead or Alive. Which was my favorite fighting game and actually got me into the series of DoA. Later on I would own other consoles like a (Nintendo N64, Ps1, Xbox Original, Ps2, and a Nintendo Gamecube) which the latter I still have the N64 and Ps2, the other consoles I either lost as I was growing up or they got sold someday down the road. I don’t really remember lol. Oh yes, GoldenEye, Super Mario 64, Mario Cart, Bomberman… All of those on the N64 were a blast. Though the damn prong controller i hated the analog stick. Ps2 is still my favorite from the 2 and the 1 I play more. .Hack Mutation is my favorite game of all time… reminded me of SAO (CyberConnect2 did an awesome job with the game)

Moving on my Interest/Love for Anime is as real as my Interest/Love for Gaming. I have roughly been watching Anime the same since I was about 5. I use to watch shows such as Case Closed, Yu Yu Hakusho, YuGiOh the Original, Inuyasha and many more. I mean I didn’t nearly watch as much Anime when I was 6 as I do now. As I grew and got older, my Anime watching continued to get bigger and bigger. The 1st Toonami show I ever watched was NARUTO when it 1st aired on TV.

  • A little story is back when I was 6, since my mom had to work at about 4 in the morning, she would take me and my brother to our Nana’s house which was not too far. So once we got there and my nana let us in, we would generally still be really tired. Well some days when we would get there, I would turn on the TV and turn the volume on low, enjoying Case Closed and Ultimate Muscle. It was fun, until they for some reason either canceled Case Closed or moved the channel DAMMIT!!!!

Manga, it is basically a book. But with Pictures that fill the page… Reading from Right to Left… and with less words. Usually in Black and White, sometimes in color. There may be a color page of 2 from weekly Shonen Jump magazine. Moving on, I love manga. I grew up on it, but started to read manga when I was 8-9. The 1st manga series I started to read was Inuyasha. Inuyasha was great, it had so much action and sorta a romantic tie to it as well as consequences, painful deaths and DEMONS!!! I Love Demons. Anyways lol, I had a couple of the volumes in print that I would get from a book shop not to far from my house. Reading it gave me a sense that I got from reading books: Enjoyment. I craved so much more at the end of the volume I was on and couldn’t hold it in, but I had too. Cause I earned money from doing chores and when I would go run errands with my mom or nana, I would ask to go to the book store. I enjoy all Manga now (Except Yaoi).

Though at 1 point when I turned 10… Not only did they stop getting more Manga, but they store had closed too. (I honestly forgot what month as well as either it closed when I was 10 or 11, completely forgot)

3 of my biggest interests, hobbies, whatever you wish to call it. Are the 3 things up above. But do not assume that it stops there… I have lived on this Earth for so long. Gaining new Skills, Interests and Hobbies. VideoGames (Gaming) Watching Anime and Reading Manga…are just the Iceberg of what kind of person I am. What my Likes and Dislikes are… if you wish to talk to me a lot more. Please follow me on Twitter @FalseXGod 😀

Shoutout to my Friend and Blog Creator Sam Earl and his Twitter is@SamEarl13.

"Walking towards DEATH"
“Walking towards DEATH”

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