Intro to Fallout 4 1.0

Today, I will be discussing 1 game. 1 game in particular that struck everyone when it was 1st shown off. A game by a studio known as Bethesda… They are known for their Open World Creations that transport us to other worlds. Worlds of Beauty and Creativity. The game I am most focused on right now from the studio is none other than Fallout 4… yes Fallout 4, the game that not only BLEW OUR MINDS but, will none the less give Bethesda a heavy dose of Cash and Praise as well as Heartfelt Emails once the game hits.

Now Fallout 4 when the trailer 1st released it not only BLEW MY MIND but also BROKE MY HEART, it broke the outer layer and pushed in a needle of Joy and Happiness. In my mind as I watched that trailer (And over the course of several days I had watched the trailer more than 16 times) all I could possibly think about was… Wow Bethesda you have done it again… Not only does this game by the trailer look absolutely breathtaking, but it was filled with more detail then say Skyrim x Naruto x CandyLand. (In my Opinion it was also more colorful too).

The colors? Well this world popped and it was beautiful and it looked more colorful than CandyLand x Monopoly (haha oh the analogies) anyways. Bethesda started this right after Fallout 3 and with all the details that were put into making Fallout 4, the world was indeed so colorful and bright and everything felt real. It felt like you were in the real world, except it is a VideoGame… Though wouldn’t you love to play Fallout 4 on an Oculus Rift?> HELL YES!!!!

So then as we patiently waited for E3, as we all knew that with Bethesda’s first ever conference that they were going to finally unveil Fallout 4 in all of its sweet and succulent glory.Well they delivered, it took 4-5 years and they delivered 1 of the greatest E3 conferences in many years…(In my opinion they WON!!!!) Bethesda…. Thank You.

This wasn’t a really long post for Fallout 4 cause well there is a ton to cover. Tomorrow, I will be talking about (What I want for Fallout 4) it will no doubt keep my up for days and weeks on end… But I am curious for Feedback 😀

Have a great night everyone, please sleep well. #OpenWorldMadnessFallout3/A


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