Slayin (Android) Review

Slayin is n Action RPG for Android by FDG Entertainment and Pixel Licker Games which is inspired by older games, choosing to have ‘Retro’ pixel graphics and a chiptune soundtrack. The game is an endless type where you go as far as possible with a single life.


Going through the menu’s gave me a good impression on how the game would be and i wasn’t disappointed. Getting into the game as the knight i was immediately impressed by how simple and easy to use the controls were. I really liked the graphics and music as well. Even the enemy design (especially bosses) was quite nice.

No, I'm not that bad.
No, I’m not that bad.

It got even once once i boughr a new character. They actually have their own movesets. For example the Wizard can turn into a tornado to attack while the knight just runs into things with his sword. One small problem though is playing over and over gets boring very quickly.

Overall, this is definitely worth trying though and is a prime example of true free to play unlike whats been polluting the market lately.


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