10 yard fight (NES) Review

10 yard fight is an 1983 ‘American Football’ game developed by Irem anf published by different companies depending on the region (Irem for Japan, Taito for the US and Electrocoin for Europe).

10-Yard Fight (U) [!].001

The graphics were ok for its age but i didn’t find it very fun. It was definitely realistic in ways with things like Downs, tackles and other ameeican football stuff. Controlling your whole team at once though definitely isn’t but the idea was interesting. I really didn’t like how slow it felt though and i have a feeling the graphics may have caused it to seem even slower.

10-Yard Fight (U) [!].000

Winning didn’t seem impossible on the Easiest difficulty, just a huge waste of time. On the other difficulty setting the AI just get better than you (also known as AI cheats). And talking about AI cheats, they stay acrive during 2 player making it incredibly one sided.

Overall there may have been a time when this was praised but i think its aged way too much to enjoy anymore. Maybe fans of the sport would think a little differently about it.


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