An open letter to the Game modding community

Dear Modding Community,

For a long time you’ve made games even better than they already were or fixed the problems that lazy AA studios had in their shitty releases/ports. Pretty much more everyone knows of the mods for Skyrim, Dues Ex, Grand Theft Auto etc. However despite how awesome it seems i have always felt you could do more. Its true that making a game better is obviously a good thing but it usually goes to waste once people get sick of the main content its usually based on.

It also seems like alot of you have gotten a bit lazy and no longer challenge themselves anymore. Simply creating something to get views is not really the way i think it should be done. Because of this idiotic race for popularity barely any games get ‘modded’ at all. There is alot more games out there, especially ones that aren’t that good.

If you have the ability to greatly change gameplay then instead of simply adding to already good games why not fix ones that are bad. I’m not saying that you should let Developers get lazy but you seem to be pretty damn fast fixing anything from an AA studio. Which is wrong, its way more likely for unknown studios/indie Devs to need fixes in their game because they’ve got a lot less people making them.

If fixing bad games doesn’t seem very good think of it this way: Not many people are going to play a bad game but if you made it better then they obviously would and whoever did the fixing would get a large deal of credit for it as well.

Overall sorry if i seemed a bit rude but the way it is now it seems there are 100s of games seemingly being ignored that could be really good with a few tweaks while select games are essentially being held up on high pedestals. To me its like if highly trained surgeons did nothing but give rich people back massages. Hope you liked this post.


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