Festers Quest (NES) Review

[Accidentally took screenshots using wrong NES emulator meaning they came with a watermark and werw therefore unusable. Sorry for that, will update at some point]

While I heard the game was really bad i felt i needed to try it at some point anyway, especially after watching AVGN’s review not that long ago. The ‘plot’ is Fester from the addams family is relaxing when a UFO suddenly arrive (thats seriously it). They seemed to use this as an excuse to have incredibly random enemy designs.

From the very beginning most of the problems seemed apparent. First of it you seemed to mash the B button like crazy and enemies instantly respawned offscreen. The instant respawn caused me to get trapped on a few occasions although i mostly used it to grind my Gun level up (AVGN complained about his gun being downgraded but its easy to avoid since blue is good, pink is bad).

For the most part though your weapon is shit, until it hits Lv7 and 8 it slowly becomes more and more unwieldy. Not only does bullets despawn when they hit the wall (very noticeable in sewer sections) but the Lv6 gun can literally circle enemies without hitting them. And even when you finally get the ultimate Lv8 gun its still really weak.

Something else that makes it hard to enjoy is your unbelievably slow speed and measly 2 Hp (though it can be upgraded, i never got far enough to find any).  In fact getting hit makes you even slower meaning a single slip up means death. And death is worse than you’d think.

Why? because you only have one life before you get a game over. It does let you continue with your collected items but it throws you at the very start of the game and I’m not a big fan of doing the same thing over and over again.

I ultimately gave up despite not even reaching a 3D section or a boss because of the problems i kept running into. I’d like to say I’d never play this again but i might do if i get ‘motivated’ enough.

Overall its not as bad as AVGN claimed it was but its still shit and I’d obviously never recommend it.


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