Old Yeller (1957) Movie Review

Note that the only reason i watched this is because Nan wanted to watch it but i thought i might as well review it. You could see its age from the very beginning, tune was actually a bit catchy but not something I’d download in mp3. Since the graphics were obviously going to be bad with the use of static backgrounds i thought I’d mainly review the story instead. Note i’ll refer to the main character as farm boy (can’t remember names at time of writing).

The story starts rather quickly introducing both the main character, his family and the titular ‘Old Yeller’ (a strange dog). The character’s strangely high pitched voices really bugged me but i writ it off as possibly a glitch in the video i was watching. Old Yeller (the dog) starts off quite amusing or at least i thought it did. You also felt happy for Farm boys younger brother when he was allowed to keep Old Yeller even if it seemed really convenient.

Not long after i began to notice old movies have a habit of putting music in almost every scene and while it definitely matched what was happening in my opinion it also felt like there was too much.

The movie takes its time making you sorta like the dog with various things happening but its the bear scene and the one after that make you like the dog (even though anyone could tell something bad was about to happen). There were also alot of pooints that people would probably find boring if not for showing how things used to be done (also some do turn out to be relevant to the plot).

A very long time into the movie we finally get a hint at Old Yellers fate with the first mention of Hydrophobia (the old name for Rabies). Feom then on it seemingly goes downhill from then even going so far as to pull a double bluff making it sadder and sadder until that single rifle shot that puts him out of his misery. Luckily the movie does a decent job at cheering you up a bit right at the end.

Overall while i wouldn’t recommend the movie itself due to its obvious old nature i would say to possibly read the book. Although as interesting as the story is it does revolve around something that barely happens these days and has threfore aged alot itself. If you have to watch a movie version I’d have to recommend the 1984 disney remake, while i haven’t watched it myself i can trust it’ll probably be better.


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