Solar Jetman (Full name is Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden Warship) is a NES game by Rare (not entirely sure) where you control an egg shaped space pod around various levels (planets) dodging both wall, enemies and projectiles in order to find and bring back various items (including parts of said golden warship).


The gameplay is deceptively simple, the ship is unbelievably hard to control for a while due to the games unique gravity system and yet it feels rather realistic, not to mention its incredibly satisfying when you finally get used to it. Another thing that makes it unique is the fact the game can seem both sadistically hard and quite forgiving at the same time. Grappling something makes navigation even harder, weighing you down and causing you to swerve, adding major difficulty for anyone not used to it and very likely causing you to crash. However, not only does the game give your pods a shield almost straight away (which can’t be used with the tractor beam) if you do crash enough to explode you’ll get to play as Jetman himself with the goal of getting safely back to base to secure yourself a new pod.


While the graphics have aged a lot it doesn’t detract from the experience in the slightest. There was even a few things I liked, one being the animation of Jetman entering the pod and the other was the amusing ‘Federation of Space Loonies’ logo. I do believe the game would be improved with new graphics though (Nintendo 3DS remake perhaps?).

The sound was alright but I didn’t really care about it, I was mainly concentrating on controlling the pod to notice after all. Although some enemy projectiles seemed far louder than everything else which bugged me a little bit.

Overall, while the game might not be something many people will like these days or they may find it too hard I still believe its worth a try. The game is a definite gem. I wonder if its been remade yet.


One thought on “Solar Jetman (NES) Review

  1. I was about to comment how I had never heard of this game, until I read a little further and observed the images and remembered distinctly how difficult I found this game as a child.


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