Super Mario Bros NES Review

NES Reviews are back! After a lot of effort finding an emulator on my shitty tablet that worked with my Sidewinder controller I thought I’d celebrate by reviewing a well known game.

If you somehow don’t know about it, Super Mario Bros is a NES game made in 1985 by Nintendo featuring the famous Mario and Luigi (or green Mario as he used to be called ).


The gameplay is actually quite advanced despite barely any buttons thanks to the run mechanic where you can choose to go through levels either slow/fast depending on your play style. Never liked the invisible wall that stopped you from going backwards though (even if it would run out your timer if you could). One of my favorite gameplay aspects is its difficulty curve as opposed to the usual spike a lot of games back then were known for.


The graphics still seem pretty decent and the variety between enemies and levels are great although it does suffer from recolors (something that wasn’t very avoidable back then). I do however feel some of them were needed like the underground goombas for example (also clouds and bushes are the same sprite).


While the soundtrack is rather small its still nice to listen to (even if there is tonnes of remakes and remixes around now). The sound effects are good too, especially the satisfying sound of stomping enemies and collecting coins.


Overall this is a game that hasn’t really aged at all other than graphically (and I kinda like pixel graphics anyway). I would recommend this to any platformer fan. It must be played at least once in your life.


One thought on “Super Mario Bros NES Review

  1. I remember playing it in ’87 when I was barely five, and I downloaded it for the Wii U ages ago. I completed it in about 50 minutes after a lot of effort – it’s a tough game, but still brilliant. The amazing thing about Nintendo is the Mario games are still stunning! Super Mario 3D World, I think, is the best there’s ever been.


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