Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff (Android) Review

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Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff is a Freemium Android game made by TinyCo and one i remember getting alot of hate quite some time ago. Considering it was still being updated i thought I’d see if it improved at all. The loading screen seemed to take awhile but there was an intro cutscene I suppose.

Gameplay starts almost immediately, there was a little lag but I had a bad tablet at the time so I sorta ignored it. I was rather bothered by how it felt like you had already clicked a billion times in just the tutorial not to mention how quick it was to introduce premium currency. At this point I could already tell the game was badly done but I was basically waiting for it to become unplayably bad.

So much clicking...

Which didn’t take long at all, all it took was accidentally clicking on something I couldn’t afford to be taken to a page with macrotransactions. The most expensive one being a huge £60 which they made out was the best deal. On top of this some of the earlier actions already took things like 20 hours to complete so it was just absolutely idiotic. You could play an entire RPG in that time, this is a prime example of a game that doesn’t want to be played.

Overall, i say never download this ever. I’d rather play E.T. or Big Rigs Over the Road Racing than this thing, not even joking if I had a good PC I’d stream those.

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