Pixel Dungeon by Watabou (Android) Review

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Pixel Dungeon is a Retro-style Dungeon Crawler for android by Watabou where you have to guide one of four classes through a maze of rooms in order to find the stairs and descend another level. I was recommended this as to my surprise its completely free and doesn’t even have adverts or microtransactions (it does have a useful donate button though). Note I put by Watabou in the title as there are many games with similar titles and gameplay.

On top of being completely free it also had pretty good visuals and music. There were also plenty of options that made the game nicer also like default zoom, dungeon brightness ,the ability to play the game in both portrait/landscape mode. Movement and other things were controlled entirely by tapping which was nice especially as you could scroll the entire map and pick somewhere and watch your character go there. 


Other gameplay elements were self explanatory (if you know what a dungeon crawler) is. The 4 characters you play as let you change up your style though if you wanted to. In these types of games I’ve always liked clearing floors out instead of merely going to the lower floors asap like some people do. However there was one thing about the genre I don’t like though. 

The game has a hunger system which almost feels like it betrays the genre title dungeon ‘crawler’ as what could start as a relaxing exploration inevitably turns into a dash for food or the stairs. I was determined to try and get used to it but dying to something other than an enemy while wielding good equipment is really offputting. There is a chance I’m just bad at it though.

Overall its pretty decent expecially if you like this genre. If I were to add more characters I’d have an alchemist that starts with full knowledge of all potions and a Skeleton that negates the hunger system entirely (both obviously being difficult to unlock).

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