Pixel Dungeon by Watabou (android) review


Pixel Dungeon is a Retro-style ungeon crawler for android where you have to guide one of four classes through a maze of rooms in order to find the stairs and descend another level. I was recommended this game as it was completely free with no In app purchases whatsoever (ever than the donate button). From the very start I noticed the menu looked qite nice and the music was enjoyable. Also being able to switch between Portrait and Landscape was highly appreciated.


Ingame options were also very useful especially default zoom and dungeon brightness which made the game more enjoyable for me. Movement and other things being controlled entirely by tapping made it very easy to get used to. Being able to scroll across the map and pick really far away places to go was cool but was sorta defeated by a huge problem.


The game has a hunger system which kinda betrays the name dungeon ‘crawler’ as it causes the player to rush frantically in search of food or the stairs. I was determined to get used to it though and played as all 3 unlocked characters multiple times.

This happened so many times...
This happened so many times…

After dying alot i finally gave up but definitely not permanently, everything about the game is pretty decent. There’s always the possibility I’m just bad at it for now.

Overall i would definitely recommend trying this, especially since it costs absolutely nothing. I think the game would be amazing with multiplayer or at least some sort of global ranking system.

Increasing the characters is always a cool thing too. I came up with 2 difficult to unlock ideas: An alchemist that starts with full knowledge of all potions and a Skeleton that negates the hunger system entirely.

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