Princess and the Frog (movie) review

[Note: I wrote this with no breaks or edits while watching the film, I may edit it at some point]

Princess and the frog is a movie made by disney that i haven’t actually watched before now. I heard that it wasn’t that good compared to other disney films but decided to keep the plot a surprise to myself anyway.

From the start the movie has decent animation and introduces the main character. It seems it starts with the usual “I won’t do that” stuff which you know will happen.  Never actually knew that the part where she was a little girl was just a flashback but it did explain the story pretty well.

It started off quite nicely and the bad guy seemed interesting enough, nothing seemed like it was bad although i was obviously going to wait until the movies over to decide that.  Almost there was a nice tune but  the art style they used during it was certainly weird (although i’m sure it was the same as the poster she had).  The fact the bad guy (Doctor Facilier) had a song almost straight afterwards cemented that this was most definitely a musical. It was also a point that seemed to have a plot hole, even an idiot wouldn’t trust a creepy dude with a skull picture on his card and his hat, not to mention that shadow of his that nobody seemed to notice.

The reveal of the frog was actually quite funny although he was definitely drawn strangely. What happened was quite a good plot twist as it did make total sense. Spoiler:If in fairy tales the princess turns the frog the frog into a human who says the opposite can’t happen.  Because of what happened the movie seems completely different at the half hour point, especially with literally all the animals starting talking. Something else i started to notice that every song seemed to be miles different from the other ones, while they are definitely not bad Its unlikely that people would enjoy them all.

Overall it was worth seeing the one time but probably not again. It might possibly be true that some of the other disney films are better but you could also say that the people that called this movie bad were watching with unfair expectations (most of the love for older films is probably nostalgia).


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