Deranged Rabbits is an android game made by Grove Comp (@GroveComp on twiter) where you play as a rabbit trying to get through a level full of deathtraps as fast as possible and get the carrot at the end (and hopefully a cabbage). Note that I can only review the unpaid version at the moment.

Also, Before I even got into the gameplay i was already blown away by how good the music seemed.


The gameplay is quite simple with only Left, Right and jump but they are done very smoothly, this helps lessen any frustration that could be caused and instead makes in very enjoyable. This is backed up by a really cool soundtrack and decent pixelated graphics with unnecessary (but awesome) ammounts of blood when you die that accumalates as you try to win over and over again.

One little incident happened though while trying to see if I had a working controller, i still had the keyboard plugged in which seemed to cause the game to get a error screen when choosing settings. In fact it still happens now so I’m not entirely sure how to fix that.

Can't get inlevel screenshots -_-
Can’t get inlevel screenshots -_-

Overall though the game keeps getting harder and harder as well as constantly throwing new obstacles in front of you. Its definitely worth the cost for the full version and I’d highly recommend it to anyone that likes a challenge, especially if you are a fan of the meat boy games.

P.S. If the devs read this It’d be awesome if you’d give me the full version free (as thanks for the review or something). Then I’ll try to improve it.


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