Magic Puzzles by Ximad (Android) Review

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Magic Puzzles is a puzzle game for android by Ximad where you can do 35-280 piece puzzles (with rotating pieces enabled/disabled for challenge). Before I got anywhere it was noticeable that while there were many paid ones. Most noticeable was the supposed gold deal for $5 which removes ads and gives a few packs while the craziest is the $100 ‘all inclusive offer’ macrotransaction which has all the puzzles and promises more each month.

However despite this when you get into the game it doesn’t do what other freemium games would. The music’s calming and pieces start on a easy to use scrolling conveyor belt to the side instead of the huge mess other games would give you.

[I honestly don’t know why there is no screenshot]

A neat little feature when you win is the ability to save the picture the puzzle was based on. I also liked the grading system where you’d have a ‘sticker’ for the difficulty won on and another if you had rotation enabled.

Overall i would actually recommend this game since I believe its alright. I can legitly say the gold deal might be nice to get to help the devs but I would steer clear of the rather idiotic inclusive offer.

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