Magic Puzzles by Ximad (android) review

Magic puzzles is an android game where you can do 35-280 piece puzzles as well as enabling whether they need to be rotated (great for a challenge btw). Before i even got into gameplay i noticed there was alot of free puzzle’s with some downloadable ones as well. Although most of them cost money and while the gold deal (no ads and a few puzzle packs for $5) seemed good the All inclusive offer seemed insane even if you saved tonnes of money (200+ Puzzle packs and 8 more every month supposedly).

Although when i got into gameplay i did realise they aren’t doing what a freemium game would. The music was very calming and the fact the pieces start on a scrollable conveyor belt to the side was a breath of fresh air compared to the games that simply threw a huge pile in front of you. A neat little feature when you win is the ability to save the picture the puzzle was based on. I also liked the grading system where you’d have a ‘sticker’ for the difficulty won on and another if you had rotation enabled.

Overall i would actually recommend this game quite highly. People that enjoy the game can get themselves the gold deal and if you somehow get addicted enough you can throw $100 and make it last practically forever (although i personally don’t recommend it).


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