Toy Truck Rally 3D (Android) Review

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Toy truck rally 3d is a simplistic driving game for android by 3dinteger where you drive a toy truck around a course filled with obstacles and jumps. The menu music felt like an attempt to be cool but the bad quality visuals made it awkward. At least you can switch being touch and tilt controls.

[My old reviews seem to be missing pictures]

Oddly the touch controls were hard to use while the tilt controls were silky smooth to the point I destroyed any score I got with touch controls with ease. As for the gameplay it gets repetitive far too quickly and jumping (via ramps of course) seems really disappointing. Thats not even including the fact you drive the same truck, round the same course with the same tiny looping tune.

Overall I just cannot recommend it, there’s a limit to what I can let off for being free. Honestly the developer should have put more effort into visuals: Things like color/pattern customization for the truck and maybe a few posters on the fence now and then would make a big difference.

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