Toy Truck Rally 3D (android) review

Toy truck rally 3d is an android game created by 3dinteger where you drive a toy truck around a simplistic course filled with obstacles and jumps. The menu music suggested it was trying to be cool but I couldn’t take it seriously considering there seemed to be no effort on the graphical side of it. Being able to switch between Tilt and touch controls seemed quite nice though.

Surprisingly the touch controls were hard to use while the tilt controls were silky smooth causing me to smash my record (that i got with the other controls). Gameplay-wise it was ok but other problems caused it to become seemingly repetitive after a very short amount of time and jumps seemed almost hilariously shit.

The other problems where both the graphics and the sound. Through the levels i could get myself to play you drove the same truck, round the same plain course type surrounded by generic fences with the same tiny tune endlessly looping forever (although surprisingly quiet).

Overall i could say its worth a try considering its free but i cannot recommend it. If the developer reads this I’d like to suggest possible updates: Color and pattern select for the truck (with unlockable colors like bronze, silver and gold), Leaderboards to compare your time to others and possibly a tiny bit more variety with the background (maybe an occasional poster on the fence).


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