Paper Toss (Android) Review

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Paper Toss is an arcade game for Android by Backflip Studios where you simply throw a ball of paper into a bin with different wind speeds or various distances (depending on level chosen). Yep, thats pretty much it.

Despite this its incredibly addictive, its simplistic enough that you can start playing immediately and yet also needs a degree of skill. There was also the fact you get applauded for beating your hi-score and a sigh if you miss that makes you want to try again. There’s even fun thing where you can hear people complain if you purposely throw it the same direction as the wind.

[Screenshot is missing again -_-]

The adverts don’t really bother me other than the fullscreen one every time you go back to the menu although thats so common these days I don’t why I mentioned it.

Overall its quite a fun little game although some people will get bored of it quickly. In fact you’ve probably already played it at some point to be honest lol.

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