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Cooking Fever is a game by Nordcurrent and a game from the amazon appstore that was free. I had a feeling I’d hate since despite the high rating there was a lot of complaints about being expensive. As you may know I’m quite a poor person.

The fact the premium currency was so noticeable wasn’t that good and coins seemed hard to get too. However trying to get some coins by downloading another app of theirs would mean 201mb which is too big to bother wish (and too much for the tablet I had at the time of writing. I was hoping the gameplay would be good enough.

[The screenshots gone missing -_-]

The gameplay itself was simplistic since it was simply dragging food to be cooked and into a bun but the fact you are forced to pick up the money was incredibly annoying. Not only was the money needed for upgrades but also the level rating too. As for said upgrades on top of buying them you are also forced for them to be ‘delivered’ which may seem a little clever but is still quite annoying. Because of this ‘freemium trap’ it shot itself in the foot once I reached level 8.

In said level every customer wanted hotdogs and I could only cook one at a time with my setup and while I could theoretically grind the earlier levels for coins by this time I was already burnt out.

Overall this is a good example of a game flawed by the developers greed. Games like this quickly become a dead weight in your storage and is not worth downloading.

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