Cooking Fever (Android) review

Cooking Fever is a game by Nordcurrent and another ‘free’ game from the amazon appstore i downloaded to review. I had a feeling i would hate it at first despite the 4.5/5 star rating, all the reviews claimed it was expensive. As someone with little money I absolutely refuse microtransactions altogether.

You could tell it was Freemium the second you saw the menu, this game using the generic ‘gems’ as its almost impossible to get currency (luckily i didn’t run into any paywalls…sort of). Keeping this in mind i tried to get myself some coins by trying to download another app of theirs but it was 201mb which is too big for my shitty tablet with practically no storage space. Despite the obvious problems the game did seem interesting and i jumped straight into the actual gameplay.

The gameplay itself was simplistic but enjoyable. All you had to do was drag food that be cooked through on pans, into buns (that you’d click to place) and drag them to the customer that wants them. Having to pick up the money manually was very annoying though, especially since its money made that not only buys you upgrades but also the level rating.

Talking about upgrades they seemed alright at first. The interior upgrades having the tactic of wait so many minutes or speed up with gems was obviously annoying but i couldn’t help but find it at least a bit clever to disguise it as ‘delivery time’. One thing that i was worried about though from how the upgrades worked was that I may fall victim to one of Freemiums traps.

And I did, at level 8 practically everyone wanted Hotdogs and i could only cook one at a time and while i could’ve grinded the earlier levels that is obviously not enjoyable. Because of this I stopped playing the game despite knowing it had alot more content to offer.

Overall this is another example of a game flawed by the developers greed. If this game didn’t have the microtransactions i would of actually paid money for it.


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