Super Dynamite Fishing (Android) Review

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Super Dynamite fishing is a arcade/fishing game for Android by Handy Games where  a redneck named joe must fish using explosives and other weird weapons to pay his bills and win the heart of his love. I got it via one of the Amazon Appstores many giveaways. Main menu looked ok but i was not a fan of the type of music playing and the explosions were annoying.

At least the visuals seemed alright I suppose, there are multiple locations to go to (including one that is apparently coming soon).


Gameplay wasn’t really that great either to be honest, missions all seemed way too easy. Controls felt like they were faulty and I couldn’t if it was just because of the cheap ingame boat or not, either way it felt like lag and displeased me greatly. The music was also the same type as the menu so i inevitably didn’t like that either.

Another annoyances was the fact that the weapon shop didn’t seem to sell much causing you to run out too easily on top of feeling impossible to get a higher end boat and still pay the bills even if you did the missions. Even more headache inducing was a character talking whenever you click anything on the map causing you to hear the same thing multiple times.

Overall the games meh and needs fixes. Personally I’d of liked a ‘Just for fun’ mode where you have inf weapons, time, money with achievements disabled so i can kill without all the restrictions. If it had that i could recommend it easier.

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