Super Dynamite Fishing (Android) Review


Super Dynamite fishing is a game by Handy Games where  a redneck named joe must fish using explosives and other weird weapons to pay his bills and win the heart of his love. As another game given away by amazon i was worried about how it would be. While the main menu looked ok i was sadly not a fan of the type of music playing and the explosions were kinda annoying.


The gameplay itself wasn’t really that great with you being able to beat missions way too easily. Although the controls do play up alot especially when trying to turn (which i thought might be because i was using the cheapest ‘boat’). Either way it looked like it was lagging and that displeased me greatly. The music was the same type as the menu so i inevitably didn’t really like that either. The graphics were ok though with the decent variety of locations and fish.


When checking around the map i found some annoying things. First of all the characters talk almost every time you click something causing you to hear the same thing over and over again, worst case is at Rosie’s apartment. I also felt like the Weapon shop didn’t sell that much (stock wise) causing you to run out too easily. I felt it was either impossible or extraordinarily hard to get a high end boat and still pay the bills. In fact i barely earned any real money per trip unless i did missions.

Overall the game is ok but needs some fixes. Personally i would like to see a ‘Just for fun’ mode where you have inf weapons, time, money with achievements disabled so i can kill without all the restrictions. If it had that i could recommend it easier.


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