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Corner Collider is an arcade game for Android by Luke Lan Faust (aka @LukeLanFaust on twitter) that i ran into after replying to one of his tweets. Since it only had 10+ downloads at the time of writing I thought I’d do him a favour by reviewing and linking to the store page.

Its quite a simple game where you tap the screen to stop a cube crashing into the wall but its surprisingly fun. The options are also surprisingly customisable in a way although other than the night day options they seem like downgrades. Only real problem is the fact the leaderboard will cause the game to crash in very rare circumstances.

Its more fun than it looks.
Its more fun than it looks…

Obviously there is a lot of potential too, while I like simplistic games it does not mean they have to stay that way. A game like this could go a long way with something simple like themes (candy cane colors for background with a present for example).

Overall this is a good example of a game made for fun to have fun with. My hi-score is 51 and I’ll happily challenge other people to beat it: Corner Collider.

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