Does not commute (Android) Review

Does not commute is an android game by Mediocre where you drive a car in a top down environment to a destination under a time limit by tapping the left/right side of the screen to turn.

First impressions is that its a decent looking game, especially because of the background music. The gameplay was quite cool as well. Every time you get to the destination you control a new car and have to dodge the previous vehicles you’d driven. Essentially driven badly with the first one could cost you the level. The info you get before you drive for each character is also a nice addition.

It even seems to get better when you realise just how much vehicles there are as well as the upgrades you can unlock. However the free version has a massive flaw, you can’t use the checkpoints and have to start from the beginning every time. To unlock checkpoints it costs £1.60 which is actually would be a good price for the game itself.

Overall i think this game is worth picking up. I don’t know how long it actually lasts for but at the moment it could be worth paying for premium.


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