The Legend of Bagger Vance Movie Review

Decided I’d record this to review because the idea of a mystical caddy helping someone get better at golf sounded interesting. I don’t really care about who plays who in a movie as you may have noticed.

It seems the movie follows a story narrated by the older versions of the kid you see during the first part. It seems quite an interesting start of the movie containing interesting scenes but does seem to go on for a very long time before the main part starts. It takes awhile for Matt Damon’s character Junuh (?) to be properly introduced and not long later you actually see some golf.

The introduction of Will Smith’s character Bagger Vance was interesting but he did talk a lot. Didn’t seem that mystical but he did mention a golf match in 1916 which seemed to be a clue, or at least I thought it was. There were also a few other things odd about him that happened.

The movie seems to go on about a Golf Tournament that Junuh would play in against some really good golfers. Strangely enough even though Junuh is important the kid is most definitely still the main character and Bagger started saying weird stuff.

The tournament obviously started like one would expect and probably would be slightly boring if it wasn’t for the bgm and the narration. It did have some quite interesting parts probably because of the titular Bagger Vance. Otherwise a lot of it is just plain old talking with some bgm behind it.

It did start getting interesting after Junuh gets more serious but what Bagger said just seemed plain weird. Although he is supposed to be mystical I guess. The way everything faded away for his good shot was surprisingly cool.  The music playing when he got a hole in one was kinda funny because how over the top it seemed. It also had plenty of ups and downs which made it watchable  but the ending was weird and gave the impression the old man died and Bagger was an angel or something.

Overall it wasn’t really something I liked although I can’t really call it bad. Only watch if you’re OK with a lot of talking and not that much golf.


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