Kill Switch Movie Review

Another random movie i decided to review quite some time ago (written on the other side of the paper the Twin Dragons review is on). First things first I found the flashbacks incredibly annoying, especially how they kept switching to black & white and back again like crazy as well as what seemed like randomly jumping around.

Straight after said flashbacks we get to see Steven Seagals character Jacob and he happens to be a cop again. He’s investigating a crime where a woman had C4 planted in her chest and soon beats the shit out of the guy that did it (althogh anyone that does that sort of thing deserves it).

Most of the scenes afterwards were just weird especially ones that had the insane guy in it. Also they decided they’d show some tits in this movie for what seemed like absolutely no reason.

The beatdowns in Steven Seagal movies are why some people watch his movie but I don’t get how people can enjoy them with how brutal and unrealstic they are. No one would be stupid enouhg to keep trying to fight someone who is literally destroying you and everyone else even if they were drunk. Alsol I’d be bloody pissed off if someone went into a bar (if I owned one) and started trashing the place but the woman seemed pretty happy. In fact it gets even worse the second he leaves the bar as the enemies get videogame levels of ammo and Seagal aka Jacob gets obvious plot armor.

While I did want to see the ‘bad guy’ get murdered I didn’t feel sorry for Jacob at all. He is essentially an invincible asshole throughtout the entire movie and i was actually happy when he got hit for once even if it didn’t actually fo much. I was convinced he was more evil than most of the ‘bad guys’ in this movie.

Also the very end of the movie seemed tacked on simply because the director must of thought they needed to reward you for surviving the movie with more tits.

Overall I really didn’t like this film. While the case was actually slightly interesting wit the use of symbols and stuff I absolutely hated the main character and thats obviously a movie killer for anyone. In fact alot of the scenes (not just the ‘fight’ scenes) seemed horribly dragged out too. I wouldn’t watch this ever again but I guess you might be curious if yo are a fan of Seagals movies (since I’m not).


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