Karate Kid Movie Review

I decided to review the Original karate Kid trilog as I felt all 3 were decent and meant I didn’t need to spend as long picking movies since I’m bad at making decisions.

You can tell that the movie is old from the start, in fact its about 10 years older than me (I’m 20 at the time of writing). I think the ery start of the movie was quite good and the background music sounded great in my headphones.

Daniel seemed ok if you can ignore the fact alot of teenage main leads end up being quite similar. Miyagi was introduced in quite an interesting way, definitely not someone you’d mistake as a background character even if you watched this movie for the first time with absolutely no info. The Love interest, Alli, was introduced not long after Miyagi was but I’ve never cared for that sort of character.

The bad guys in this movie (excluding the Karate instructor introduced) later were a group of older males, the leader Johnny being unsurprisingly interested in Alli. There was nothing particularly special about them other than to further the plot.

Also, alot of the scenes before the Karate teaching would probably be boring to some people if it wasn’t for the bgm. In fact I could argue that it was Miyagi that made it worth sitting through all those scees especially when he finally revealed himself to be a Badass.

Not long after Miyagi’s reveal you finally meet said Bad Karate teacher who is literally the opposite of Miyagi. They nailed making him seem like a Heartless Bastard 100%. I’m sure he gets what he deserves at the end but my copy seems to cut off very shortly after the fight.

The Best non-fighting scenes in this movie were definitely the training like the “Wax On, Wax Off” part (and th epic reveal that it was training all along) though thats obviously a common opinion considering the amount of times its been parodied or referenced in other media. Worst non-fighting parts were the parts with Alli, like I mentioned earlier I really don’t care much for the love interest (especially if I don’t care that much about the main character). I also greatly enjoyed all the background info on Miyagi in this movie that easily made him even better (easily best character in the movie by miles).

Despite barely any of the movie consisting of the tournament it was filled with plenty of suspense and was completely satifying to watch which I feel proves how good this movie was at pulling me along. Its definitely a movie you have to watch at least once in your life no matter how old you are.


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