Jackie Chans Twin Dragons Movie Review

I actually watched this quite a while ago because I was bored and writ a terrible review for it but I feeol like uploading it for you guys to read.

The start of the movie was ok but I almost thought that the entire film was going to be in black and white but it turned out it was simply to show that it happe ned in the past from when the rest of the movie takes place.

There are many odd things about this movie, one of them being the fact Jackie plays both twins, Boomer and John. Obviously the movie is filled with good fight scenes and is actually quite funny. Weirdest thing about the movie by far is the psychic connection the two seem to have which is played more for laughs than you’d think since the twin may suddenly start mimicking the movements of the other, shown hilariously by a certain boat chase scene.

I would even say that the fighting that Jackie chan is popular for these days took a backseat in this movie and that comedy was the main genre. Its definitely no problem although it may disappoint some people.

The last part of te movie is when you get a long satifying fighting sequence that alot of people were probably waiting fo but they even snuck some funny bits in there too. Even the ending was ok.

Overall the age of the movie and the fact that its probably been dubbed into english may put people off but otherwise its worth a watch.


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